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capital goods sector

Scheme For Enhancement of competitiveness in the Indian Capital Goods Sector

The Scheme intends to boost the Indian economy, as this scheme attempts to make the Indian Capital Goods Sector globally competitive by
addressing the issues of technological depth creation in the capital goods sector besides creating common industrial facility centers

Frequency F-Yearly | 2021-22 Updated on 19.04.2022 | Source : Associations | Local Source : HEMT section

995.96 Cr.
631.22 Cr.
Budgetary Support
583.312 Cr.
Projects Approved

projects under the scheme

Integrated Industrial Infrastructure Facilities

Common Engineering Facility Centres

Technology Acquisition Fund Programme

Advanced Centres of Excellence

Integrated Industrial Infrastructure #Facilities

S.No Centre

IIIF at Integrated Machine Tools Park near Tumkur, Karnataka by Govt. of Karnataka